Enterprise Reporting

Mailrail offers analytics and tracking tools to measure the success of your campaign. Find out who opened your email and clicked on links. Analyze hard and soft bounce rates. View survey/poll results. Bring insight into your campaign and target your most valuable subscribers. Resend your mails to subscribers who have opened your previous messages. Compare individual broadcast to understand what intrigued your subscribers to click on links or just compare the results from several broadcasts.

Enterprise Reporting


Track how many people opened your emails; use our reports to see your "open rate". Find out who all have opened your email and see if your emails are being read.

Bounce Rate-Hard/soft

Keep your mailing list clean. View a complete report on hard and soft bounces .Automatically inactivate bounced contacts. Additionally you have a option to delete them permanently. Get insight about the bounce type, is it a soft or hard bounce. A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to the sender and is permanently undeliverable. A soft bounce might occur because the recipient's inbox is full, server is unavailable/ overloaded or it is just not on the network. Causes include invalid addresses, incorrect domain name or the mail server being blocked. Mailrail helps you keep your lists clean and take corrective steps to ensure your future campaigns do not have high bounce rate.


Our reporting server tracks the number of subscribers who have forwarded your email and reports them individually. Track these metrics and analyze how well your campaign is performing..

Link Clicks

Most email campaigns are window to lead subscribers to a particular destination/url. Hence a well composed template may have many links embedded to entice subscriber to visit different web pages. Tracking clicks to these links is crucial in accessing the success and behavioral metrics of your subscriber base. Mailrail not only tracks the links clicked in your email campaign but also tracks what links were clicked. This data is presented in link report with capabilities to compare them simultaneously.


Find out unread messages in your email campaign. Mailrail's unread messages report provides you a list of contacts that have not opened the messages. You can choose to create a new group from these contacts and strategize your future campaigns to get best results.

Unsubscribe Opt-Out

The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 states that every email sent should have a unsubscribe link. When your subscribers choose to opt out of the subscription, you should take a hard look as to why they are opting out. Unsubscribe report provide the details about opted-out contacts and reports the unsubscribe rate.

Compare Broadcasts

Comparing campaign results can provide you deep insights to your subscriber list. Compare performance of your email campaigns. This unique reporting feature empowers you to compare up to 50 campaigns side by side and provides you with insightful metrics. Compare opens, bounced, opt-outs, unsubscribe and unread messages on each broadcast graphically.

Segmented Reporting

Customize your reports dynamically based on several elements such as domains, clicks etc. For example generate a report for a particular broadcast based on link clicks, domains and location. This report will tell you how many contacts clicked on a particular link, from which domain they arise and their geographical location.

Export to excel & PDF

It is one thing to view the report on the web and other to use the report in your presentation/company report to showcase your campaign success. Mailrail offers you with features to export each of these reports in to pdf, excel or CSV file. .

Geo-location Visualization

Knowing your subscriber's location could help you strategize your email campaign. Geo- location reports provides you a visual report to analyze real world geographic location of your subscriber base. Get in depth details of your broadcast geographically. This report can segment your subscribers based on their geographic location. Learn what location has a higher success rate of a particular broadcast For example you can see what part of the world has most open clicks for a particular message. Localize and categorize your campaign based on these metrics.

Resend Message Based on Results

Automating a campaign can save you time and money .Automate follow-up campaigns based on previous results. Use this powerful feature to resend message to your subscriber who fall in certain category of results.



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