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Mail Deliverability

Email deliverability is our top priority and we take it very seriously. We work hard to ensure your email gets delivered, here is how:

Mail Deliverability

ISP relations

We work with major ISP's to ensure your campaign does not land in a junk box.The expert team at Mailrail has developed good relations with Major ISP's and strives hard to be a "whitelist" sender wherever possible. Additionally we try and work with popular ISP's to receive feedback loops(FBL) from them. FBL's are intended to help streamline and automate the spam reporting process with specific machine-readable parts. This helps users to send confident broadcasts.

Email Authentication

Mailrail supports and authenticates campaigns using DKIM, Sender ID and Domain Keys.Our system identifies each email and authenticates them. This ensures high deliverability of your emails and minimizes your bounce rate

Safe and Clean Lists

Mailrail provides you tools to check your emails for spam-like content .Our servers automatically blocks unsubscribed and undeliverable email addresses from your lists. We proactively seek out and resolve potential delivery problems before they cause any issues making your list clean and safe.

24/7 system monitoring

Our email inspectors constantly monitor our systems and servers. Making sure there are no spammers or any potential threat to Mailrail. Our deliverability has a high reputation and maintains a good score for our services.



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